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12, Some Streeet, 12550 New York, USA
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Spark Erotic

Welcome to the erotic revolution

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Spark Erotic has been honored in film festival showings and awards throughout the world. We enjoy sharing our work with audiences and attend whenever possible to see our films on the big screen.

Samarel Art

``We are but a sexual energy in need to survive``

Though I have been fascinated by erotic art for as long as I remember, I discovered the world of adult erotica in 2001. Sharing my erotic paintings has been my consuming passion. As they say, “All art is erotic.” While this is true, I have focused on art depicting the human body, and the sexual energy between couples. This is my passion, my love. Dive into my world, my erotic paintings galleries, then help my paintings come to life again – on your bedroom wall. Make love – have fun (:

Samarel Art

A word from our fans

"Seeing the raw love and emotion has helped cultivate my own adventurous experiences"
-Sara in Denver

"My wife and I watch all the films together, we love it."
-Tom in Calgary

"Finally, films that show what sexuality is supposed to look like."
-Bill in Cincinnati

"I never knew that films like this existed, so happy my husband and I found Spark Erotic."
-Julie in Las Vegas